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April 18-19, 2015

Hosted at Betterment


  1. Xpert: Find experts and resources in large organizations by leveraging email and graph analytics 
  2. StocKing: The thrill of fantasy sports with the crapshoot of stock-picking 
  3. Be Assured: Predict whether the loans you make to small businesses will succeed 

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Technology Partners & APIs




8:30AM: Registration

9:30AM: Tech partner demos

11AM: Hacking begins

1:00PM: Lunch

6:00PM: Dinner

7:00PM: Hacker league

12:00AM: Doors close


9:00AM: Doors open and breakfast

10AM: Tech check


1:00PM: Demos

2:30PM: Winners announced

4PM: Doors close


Maria Gotsch  FinTech Innovation Lab

Maria Gotsch

FinTech Innovation Lab

Travis Skelly  FinTech Collective

Travis Skelly

FinTech Collective

Dustin Lucien  Betterment

Dustin Lucien


Charles Birnbaum  Bessemer Venture Partners

Charles Birnbaum

Bessemer Venture Partners

Ali Hamed  Coventure

Ali Hamed



Prizes, Jobs and More!

 API Partner Prizes:

  • MongoDB: Oculus Rift
  • Xignite: $100 Amazon gift cards, press release on the team and app and exclusive swag 
  • PsychSignal: Netflix gift cards
  • OANDA: $500 in fxTrade accounts
  • Quovo: $500 Amazon gift card
  • OpenFin: $1000 in Cash
  • MasterCard: $500 MasterCard gift card
  • StockTwits: StockTwits swag and app feature, 3 months of API access
  • TagniFi: TagniFi swag and hoodies
  • Context.IO: Hacker's choice
  • ChartIQ: Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 
  • Estimize: 6 Month API Access (valued at $60,000)
  • Vestorly: 1 Bitcoin
  • Zipmark:  $500 gift certificate to Grand St. and tickets to NYCFC 
  • Quantconnect: 1 year free VPS 
  • Edgar Online: Data Access and Gift Cards 
  • OpenShift: 2 $100 Amazon Gift Cards 
  • RiXtrema: 1 year access to stress testing API for your app and a bottle of rare Russian Beluga Vodka

API Details

Context.IO (API info)

Context.IO is an email data API. We make it easy to query and fetch all the data that lives in your user's email accounts. We also have the ability to identify which emails are receipts and deliver structured data about those purchases!

MongoDB (API info)

MongoDB is the next-generation database that helps businesses transform their industries by harnessing the power of data. The world’s most sophisticated organizations, from cutting-edge startups to the largest companies, use MongoDB to create applications never before possible at a fraction of the cost of legacy databases. MongoDB is the fastest-growing database ecosystem, with over 9 million downloads, thousands of customers, and over 750 technology and service partners.

OANDA (API info)

Connect directly with OANDA through our REST API to develop trading strategies and automate your trading experience. Get real-time currency rates on over 90 currency pairs. Monitor the forex market for changes in real-time, 24 hours a day. You will have access to historical currency rates, dating back over 10 years. Place trades and orders, and fetch such information as your account activity, account balance, and unrealized profit/loss.


  • Create unique trading tools/interfaces that enable users to operate directly on their account by way of OAuth with the REST AP
  • Help users with international businesses hedge their currency to protect from changes in the exchange rate in other countries
  • Educational tools to help traders be successful
  • Anything related to currency exchange

OpenFin (API info)

The world’s largest banks and trading platforms use OpenFin to run high-performance, multi-window HTML5 applications on secure financial desktops. OpenFin’s HTML5 Runtime enables you to run HTML5 applications with native performance and experience. Additionally, OpenFin has developed Hypergrid, an ultra high performance canvas-based HTML5 grid component that supports unlimited data sets. OpenFin’s API enables you to EXTEND code with any HTML5 framework, INTEGRATE with native technologies (C++, Java, .NET, AIR, etc...) and DEPLOY apps seamlessly within financial institution’s security policies.


  • Develop rich native notifications for your existing web application
  • Stream data to and from Hypergrid or Excel from your existing web app
  • Convert  your “big data” app to Hypergrid and experience dramatically improved performance
  • Snap and Dock an HTML5 web window to your existing non-HTML5 application
  • Leverage the OpenFin runtime to create an installable, native version of your web application
  • Develop an Application Launcher that gives users an easy way to find and launch your web applications

OpenShift (API info)

MasterCard  (API info)

MasterCard has a variety of APIs for you to use, whether you are looking to accept payments, looking for unique data APIs or looking for fraud mitigation services.

PsychSignal (API info)

PsychSignal is the leading provider of social media derived financial sentiment. Also known as “Opinion Mining”, the core technology is a proprietary natural language processing engine and associated API that categorizes and quantifies the millions of “tweets” and “ messages” issued by Twitter, StockTwits, T3Live chat rooms and other social media sources to deliver the public’s real-time opinions about stocks and other financial securities in anticipation of price moves.


  • Use PsychSignal data together with news data to track news events and the social media reaction leading up to and after major events.

QuantConnect (API info)

We have an algorithmic trading platform for backtesting and trading on the financial markets. The platform can analyse any time series data; converting the data to a series of events which you can use to make trading or application decisions. Live algorithms run on a dedicated server giving your application / algorithm 512MB dedicated Ram and 1 CPU. You'll have realtime FX and equities market data to drive your application.

TaniFI (API info)

TagniFi's API provides developers with access to investment-grade financial and market data. All data is standardized for easy consumption in JSON.


  • All of our standardized data includes transparency back to the source filing. For example, if revenue is made up of product revenue and services revenue we provide that detail in the response along with a link back to the source filing with the SEC. Adding this into your app will give your users the ability to see the composition of the figure and one-click access to the filing with the SEC.

Xignite (API info)

Xignite’s APIs cover all asset classes, including Bonds, Derivatives, ETFs, Forex, Futures, Funds, Indices, Metals, Options, and Rates. Xignite is the leading provider of financial market data cloud solutions and makes sourcing and integrating real-time, daily, delayed and historical market data into fintech mobile apps, websites, and SaaS platforms easy. The Silicon Valley-based company is helping fuel fintech innovation by powering web sites and apps for more than 1000 financial services, media, software and corporate clients, including fintech innovators Wealthfront, Betterment, Personal Capital, Motif Investing, Robinhood, StockTwits, and Yodlee.


  • Digital wealth management apps
  • Personal finance apps
  • Trading apps
  • Investment analytic solutions
  • International payment apps
  • Social investing mashups

Zipmark (API info)

The Zipmark platform is fully customizable and can be inserted into a website or mobile app to perform payment related actions. Our RESTful API has endpoints for exchanging customer and payment status information. You can use these endpoints to collect and pass validated data, or construct a payment dashboard inside your application. With just one line of code for the front-end and back-end of your application, you can use the Zipmark platform for a number of transactional or payment related functions, such as enrollment, adding and removing bank accounts, and making a payment. The Zipmark platform also provides a way to render informational displays directly into your application with minimal integration effort. Some examples include displaying recent activity for a customer or displaying a list of customer accounts.


Our API can be utilized in a number of different products, marketplaces, and service providers. Some suggestions are:

  • Issuing an instant line of credit at the point of purchase
  • Immediate loan or fund disbursement
  • Process trading on demand
  • Paying out freelancers or service providers
  • P2P transactions
  • Collecting investment contributions
  • Making distribution payments to investors

Estimize (API info)

The Estimize API allows you to pull an estimate by estimate account of the database. Attributes include the analyst UID, ticker, quarter, their EPS and Revenue estimates, the Wall Street EPS and Revenue consensus, the Estimize EPS and Revenue consensus, as well as others.


  • A popup widget for bloggers and journalists to integrate into their articles which would display a graph of Estimize numbers for a specific ticker on hover.
  • A screening tool to find different relationships in the Estimize data.

ChartIQ (API info)

The ChartIQ HTML5 API is a professional grade API that can be used to build both basic charts as well as advanced charts that can be used in professional workstations. The API is extensive and provides both high level convenience functions as well as low level access that provides developers with fine levels of control.


  • Any interesting data visualization over a price chart including news events, calendar events, or other unique data points.
  • Other areas of interest include sports related data. We support any time series data which can be used with our 80+ indicators as well as any custom visual indicators.

Quovo (API info)

Quovo's data aggregation API allows developers to retrieve data from bank accounts, investment accounts, and other financial institutions. Users provide the credentials that they use to view their accounts online, and Quovo retrieves balances, investment positions, transactions, and other account meta data. All data is normalized and reconciled, making complex analytics (such as performance reporting and fee analysis) much easier for the end application to surface and present.


  • We'd like to see Quovo's API used to either "go deep" or "go broad." By "deep" we mean to take advantage of our deep transaction history to showcase changes and behaviors throughout the life of an account. By "broad" we mean aggregated analytics across many accounts or many users. Peer analysis, clustering, and other broad market insights are ready to be unearthed.

StockTwits (API info)

StockTwits API allows you to harvest social finance data in large quantities and repurpose the data in products or derivative feeds. We partner with small companies, individuals, all the way up to corporations and quantitative trading firms.


  • StockTwits data consists of a huge number of entries by users who analyze companies, assess investments, and commit trades.
    An ideal winner of this hack would be able to extrapolate winning traders or trades and trends from this sea of humanity (1.2 million messages a month).
  • Also: visual displays of sentiment utilizing explicit "bullish and bearish" tags, and/or NLP libraries would be an great.
  • Building leaderboards is also interesting. Sky's the limit, we can give you and your team full historical data going back more than 5 years

Vestorly (API info)

Vestorly provides APIs so users can automate the curation and display of third party web content with our proprietary “Browser in the Cloud” tech. This tech enables users to capture identities and measure reading behavior of people interacting with them on social, email, webpage or app. REST APIs allow for data import/export, “email roundups” of content, and publishing content to social networks, all of which drive traffic to the user’s customized “Browser in the Cloud” where a new dataset is generated. We also provide data science, content recommendation and NLP APIs to help process arbitrary news publishers and blogs to render it in a variety of formats. There are also embed-able iframe widgets which display third party image-heavy content on any webpage to better engage and measure visitors. In addition, Vestorly provides a set of content open source plugins that can be leveraged with ember.js which are widely used by the ember.js open source community. REST APIs also typically used for single sign-on or account registration Note: Sample code is available in client platforms and languages such as ObjectiveC, Java, PHP, Ruby, JS, .NET, etc.


  • We love integrations and apps. To date, folks in the financial industry have built a variety of apps that use Vestorly as a platform to render third-party content for their followers and engage them beyond just financial planning. Integrations include Orion Advisor Services, Wordpress, Hootsuite, Salesforce, Advisor Websites, Redtail CRM and various integrations into client portals and dashboards that show relevant content, encourage sharing, and generate a new set of data.
  • Integration into client portal UI’s, with Betterment or others, to provide users or groups of users with personalized content discovery based on their portfolio or other data points.
  • Using a content discovery experience and social sharing of content from within an app to drive organic and viral lead generation from the user’s social networks back to the app (i.e. organic lead gen for Betterment, etc.)
  • Mobile Apps (Vestorly can provide sample code for native clients).

RiXtrema (API Info)

RiXtrema API allows developers to pull in results of stress tests and crash ratings for a variety of financial instruments, including stocks, funds, bonds, derivatives or portfolios. For example, for any fund or portfolio, developer can find out the predicted return in an inflationary environment or in a Euro breakup. It is an easy way to show risks for security or a portfolio and could be included in any app that deals with investments. The model is based on the engine that is used by top asset managers in the world.


  • Apps and websites that show any information about stocks or funds or portfolios. Two specific examples:
  • Apps/websites that are dedicated to finding best funds/stocks. Show a number of stress test results for a fund/stock in a chart and compare funds/stocks to see which ones do best in a given environment. Filter funds by crash rating or a performance in a given scenario and give the list of top 5 or 10 (for example, the funds from a given list that will do the best if 2008 crash repeats itself or if markets are up 30%).
  • Apps that show investor portfolios. Similar charts as in #1, but now investor's portfolio is shown instead of individual assets. A particular bonus is to grab the portfolio data from a data aggregator like Yodlee or Quovo (we have examples of that), so that the user doesn't have to enter investments manually.

Edgar Online (API Info)

Our configurable DataFi API is the newest API from EDGAR Online and the easiest way to access financial data for your application. It is among the best and most innovative tools for evaluating a company based on their reported financial position and the easiest and fastest way to access EDGAR Online's data including financials, ratio, insider and ownership.

For more than 15 years, EDGAR Online has been a leader in helping professionals uncover intelligence from financial disclosures, offering distribution of company data and public filings for equities, mutual funds and other publicly traded assets through online subscriptions and data licenses.

With that experience, DataFi is advancing how financial data is consumed, delivered and analyzed and is transforming data points into constructive, valuable information.

Apps that enable innovation using EDGAR Online data, including improved speed and accuracy.


  • Screening tools for identifying and targeting companies
  • Portfolio watchlist trackers
  • Investor Analytic solutions apps or tools
  • Apps to create news ways to present data
  • Apps that provide data as a mobile solution