FinTech Hackathon NYC

Nov 9-10, 2013

Hosted at MongoDB

200 Attendees

31 New FinTech Products Developed

300+ in attendance for Demo Day





















Technology Partners & APIs



8:30AM: Registration

9:30AM: Tech partner demos

11AM: Hacking begins

1:00PM: Lunch

6:00PM: Dinner

7:00PM: Hacker league

10:00PM: Doors close



8:00AM: Doors open and breakfast

10AM: Tech check


1:00PM: Demos

2:30PM: Winners announced

4PM: Doors close



Maria Gotsch   FinTech Innovation Lab   

Maria Gotsch

FinTech Innovation Lab


Stephen Orban   Dow Jones

Stephen Orban

Dow Jones

Karl Antle   ValueStream Labs

Karl Antle

ValueStream Labs

Sallie Krawcheck   Former Head of Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney   

Sallie Krawcheck

Former Head of Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney


Matt Witheiler     Flybridge Capital Partners

Matt Witheiler

Flybridge Capital Partners


Prizes, Jobs and More!

Sponsor Jobs and Opportunities:

  • Dow Jones: If you are looking for a great job, Dow Jones will be considering some of the best FinTech Hackathon developers for technology jobs at the firm. 
  • FinTech Innovation Lab: The winning team will have the unique opportunity to be considered for a pitch slot at the next FinTech Innovation Lab’s Finalist Day. 
  • ValueStream Labs:  A team will be considered for an in-person pitch session with all VSL Partners, with the opportunity for your company to join the ValueStream Labs Development Program.

 API Partner Prizes:

  • CardFlight: $200 Amazon Gift Card and a free Cardflight reader with 12 month use free
  • ChartIQ: iPad Mini
  • Dwolla: Raspberry Pi's
  • Estimize: Kindle
  • Imagine Software: $500 Amazon Gift Card
  • Markit: Pebble Watch and Rasberry Pi
  • MongoDB: Jawbone Jambox
  • OANDA: $500 Amazon Gift Card
  • OpenFin: iPad Minis
  • PsychSignal: Samsung Galaxy tablets
  • QuartetFS: $1000
  • StockTwits: $500 Amazon Gift Cards
  • TradierJawbone Jambox's, Amazon Gift Cards
  • Venmo: 500 via Venmo
  • Xignite: $500 Amazon Gift Card
  • Yodlee: $250 Gift Card and Google Chromecasts
  • Zipmark: $500 Grand St credit


API Details


Bloomberg (API Docs)

The Bloomberg Open API provides access to a broad range of financial market and economic data that is delivered by Bloomberg's global data infrastructure. The API SDKs are available for C/C++, Java, .Net, Python and Perl, and supported on Windows, Linux, Solaris and OSX. The presentation at the link below provides more details about using the Bloomberg API at the FinTech Hackathon, and includes links to the online documentation and downloadable SDKs.


  • We are interested in seeing products developed that combine, correlate or otherwise interrelate Bloomberg data with non-financial data: weather, sunspot activity, length of the waiting line at Space Mountain in DisneyWorld, you name it!

CardFlight (API Docs)

CardFlight is the easiest way to accept credit card payments in your own app. We provide mobile payment infrastructure that can work across almost any payment provider, enabling developers to build and integrate card‐present mobile payments into their own apps with ease.  We provide secure, encrypted readers and a simple API that makes it super easy to build applications that include payment acceptance.  CardFlight works with most leading payment processors. 


  • Currency converter - A mobile currency converter to make a payments for currencies, than the vendor returns the customer with cash. This would work great at airports, hotels and tourist destinations that require people to change currencies on the spot.
  • Taxi Meter - Set a rate per mile and per minute. Use the GPS and clock of the phone to track from when user says "begin ride" to "end ride”. Payment based on ride time.
  • Amusement Park App - For amusement parks that offer cost per ride, rather than one ticket gets you into the amusement park. Tracks which rides you paid at so that at the end of the day you can see a map of all the rides you took.

ChartIQ (API Docs)

The ChartIQ HTML5 API is a professional grade API that can be used to build both basic charts as well as advanced charts that can be used in professional workstations. The API is extensive and provides both high level convenience functions as well as low level access that provides developers with fine levels of control.


  • Any interesting data visualization over a price chart including news events, calendar events, or other unique data points.  
  • Other areas of interest include sports related data.  We support any time series data which can be used with our 80+ indicators as well as any custom visual indicators.

Dow Jones (API Docs)

The Dow Jones Content Discovery APIs that are being made available for the FinTech Hackathon are all about content discovery. Be it by using an instrument (like a US stock symbol), or a topic, the API enables you to to quickly access article content in a variety of ways relevant to external financial data.


  • Chrome extension that identifies stock tickers on an arbitrary web page, popping up stock data and adjacent relevant content
  • Using a list of keywords related to domain-specific company performance, send Twilio-based SMS alerts when an article about a company hits the API

Dwolla (API Docs)

Dwolla's REST API enables you to incorporate payments into your hack without the slightest hint of effort. Send money (from your account or on behalf of someone else's account) to anyone with a phone number or email address, even if they don't have a Dwolla account, in just a single line of code (well, two lines, if you count the library import). Request money, send mass payments, withdraw money to a bank account, refill an account balance, and more!


  • A platform for shops and restaurants to give consumers incentives + rewards for paying with Dwolla


The Estimize API allows you to pull an estimate by estimate account of the database. Attributes include the analyst UID, ticker, quarter, their EPS and Revenue estimates, the Wall Street EPS and Revenue consensus, the Estimize EPS and Revenue consensus, as well as others.


  • A popup widget for bloggers and journalists to integrate into their articles which would display a graph of Estimize numbers for a specific ticker on hover.
  • A screening tool to find different relationships in the Estimize data.

Imagine Software (API Docs)

Use our cloud-based REST & JavaScript APIs to leverage Imagine's risk and portfolio management engine, robust analytics, and rich data universe.  Access market and model securities for valuation, greeks, exposures, stress tests, scenario analysis, and P&L. Data includes security master terms, value-add scrubbed data like time series, yield curves, dividend curves, volatility surfaces, credit curves, realized volatility, and correlations to evaluate large portfolios or individual positions.


  • Wearable FinTech: deliver financial risk/portfolio information to wearable tech (pebble, glass, ...)
  • The Visual App: deliver a dynamic word cloud or other visualization that shows a set of held positions varying the size and color of the name to indicate attributes like the size of the position, and risk factors/stress tests. Make visualization dynamic across time.
  • Calculate and display Credit Value adjustment, Debt Value Adjustment

Markit on Demand (API Docs)

MOD is providing 4 APIs (chart, quote, lookup, CDS). These APIs are not commercially available, but we do create custom APIs for clients using the data provider of the client's choice. 

F2 is an open source framework created for building web applications that allows the integration of content from multiple parties. Hackathon participants can build to the F2 spec and allow their creations to be immediately integrated by F2-enabled financial services firms.


  • Use MOD APIs or other APIs to produce an F2 app that can be easily integrated into new or existing financial services websites; for example:
  • Interactive F2 app featuring stock quote and chart data
  • Interactive F2 app combining Markit CDS data with Bloomberg (for example) regional data

MongoDB (API Docs)

MongoDB is an open source, JSON based document database with dynamic schemas that enables enables new applications through developer productivity and simplified operations.


  • High frequency trading maps
  • Bitcoin exchanges


OANDA API provides live and historical market data in the forex market. Our broker trading API lets you trade over 90 currency pairs, metals, and CFDs. We provide a RESTful API that's powerful and easy to use.


  • Create a service that provides exchange rates for eCommerce companies
  • Start a business to hedge currency risks for other companies
  • Trade analytics tools that track performance of various forex portfolios

OpenFin (API Docs)

OpenFin's App Desktop lets you build native experience desktop applications with HTML5.


  • Financial desktop application mashups
  • Social collaboration tool

PsychSignal (API Docs)

The PsychSignal API provides access to the most granular and accurate real time financial sentiment indices in the world. Unlike other financial sentiment APIs which have a steep learning curve, the PsychSignal data is simple and intuitive. We return a bullish index, a bearish index, and an anomalous sentiment alert feed.The API returns the raw bullish and bearish values on a 0 to 4 scale for a specific stock (or aggregated market data) and specified date range aggregated by period.


  • A mashup app based on Estimize data and our sentiment data
  • A desktop pop up alerts notification system build onto any of the trading platform APIs


ActivePivot is an in-memory Distributed Real Time java object-orientated OLAP engine, and can aggregate and perform continuous analytics and What-if scenarios on massive flows of data of any shape (No Schema). Based on a component architecture, It requires limited upfront deployment investment and can be reused for a vast variety of business areas.


  • Anything showing off the real time big data integration and aggregations features of the product connecting to different sources and feeding back into other sources such as Market and Credit Risk, Collateral & Liquidity management and measurements, optimization algorithms (collateral optimization, portfolio allocation, cheapest to trade or clear).

StockTwits (API Docs)

StockTwits RESTful API allows you to leverage the user base, social graph and content network that drive the StockTwits community. Your application and your users can access the StockTwits social graph, display curated data streams, integrate watch lists, and easily share messages, links and charts directly from your application. The StockTwits API is perfect for financial applications/websites/apps that want or need a social layer.


  • Trending terms within a given symbol stream
  • Build a message volume weighted S&P 500 index that dynamically updates based on weekly message volume (back tested with performance)
  • Map and S1 (XBRL) data to a StockTwits conversation for example: Take the Twitter S1 and then merge StockTwits conversation and the keywords to the S1 filing where in the S1 Ad Revenue is being talked about. 

Tradier (API Docs)

Tradier's API takes a REST-based approach for accessing brokerage services including trading, account services (i.e. positions, balances, orders, activity), realtime equity and options market data, historical pricing, and watchlists. 


  • Mashing up other platforms with trading, specifically algorithmic applications, social media, charting, and analysis tools. 

Venmo (API Docs)

The Venmo API provides developers a straightforward way to integrate Venmo into their applications. Using the API, apps can make and share Venmo transactions on behalf of authenticated users, access friend lists, and monitor transactions in real-time.


  • A money pool for birthday presents or group trips
  • A way to attach money to virtual birthday cards
  • Virtual tip jar
  • Automated prize giveaway site framework.
  • Micropayments & incentivizing user behavior
  • Platform synergies - leveraging the Venmo API alongside other social APIs (Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Foursquare)

Xignite (API Docs)

Integrating financial data with your applications has always been a hassle—until now. With Xignite financial data APIs you can seamlessly locate, test and integrate market data into any application, using just about any technology. Whether you’re working on a website, mobile app, SaaS or enterprise project, our APIs deliver real-time and reference data to you on-demand without expensive and time-consuming infrastructure overhead.

Yodlee (API Docs)

Yodlee's Aggregation & Categorization APIs are designed for startups that need permission-based access to their users’ bank, credit card, investment, and loan accounts.  Yodlee links to tens of thousands of financial institutions on behalf of consumers and small businesses, accounting for 99% of all accounts.

Startups use Yodlee’s Aggregation & Categorization APIs to provide a money management app that brings all of their users’ financial accounts together, to deliver investment advice on users’ portfolios, to provide loans and accounting services to small businesses, and for dozens of other applications.

Zipmark (API Docs)

Zipmark is a payment platform that enables real-time, secure payments directly between checking accounts. Payments made with Zipmark are guaranteed and clear overnight. Zipmark’s API and payment services are being used by thousands of payers for utility, rent and invoice payments.


  • A P2P-like payment application for business to business or business to consumer transactions.